Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What is one of the biggest struggles with natural hair? For me, the first is moisture, but the second is SHRINKAGE. I am 6 months post big chop and 17 months post relaxer. My hair is now collarbone length. My regimen thus far has been:
  • Moisturizing (shea butter and/or Shea Moisture leave in conditioner) and sealing (mix of olive, jojoba, coconut, and castor oils) once a week.
  • Wearing protective styles (flat twist, 2 strand twist, or a combination for an updo) 4-5 days of the week. (When my hair is in protective styles, I oil with my mix every 1-2 days)
  • Washing with shampoo (shea moisture) once a month.
  • Co-washing (Shea Moisture) every 1 1/2 weeks-2 weeks.
  • Deep Conditioning every 2 weeks
How do I combat my shrinkage? After I take down my protective styles, I flat twist in 4-5 twists to stretch the hair.

I do this at night for 2-3 days. I take the twists down in the morning and get a look similar to the initial picture. My hair stretches more each day. This is my normal stretching routine.