Monday, May 21, 2012

No Heat Transition Styles.

So you want to go natural but don't know where to start.

There are two ways: Cut all of your relaxed ends off immediately or grow your natural hair out to a length you are comfortable with. Either way, it will involve cutting your ends off. Many people choose to grow their hair out and cut when they feel comfortable, which is considered 'transitioning'. This is the method I chose. That could be anywhere from 2 months to 2-3 years. I transitioned for 11 months. Even if you choose to wait to cut off your relaxed ends, you still have to protect and preserve your natural hair. Weaves, wigs, and extensions are an option, but they shouldn't be the only protective styles you use.

Kinky/Curly hair can be fragile and heat often damages it. There are many beautiful styles you can do without heat. I found a few video tutorials for basic styles for people with relaxed ends. 

Hope these help!

Helpful Tips for Transitioners:

For Short/Medium Length Hair:



Bantu Knots:

Long Hair:
All of the above styles can be applied to longer hair using the same methods.

Sorry! Couldn't get the video to post but here is the link to a braid out for longer hair. It is similar to my method during my transitioning period.

I wish I would have documented my transition period, but I didn't. Here are some pics that I did come across for styles without heat. Please excuse the bad phone lighting and awkward poses.

Flat Braid-out: 5-7 flat braids to the back of the head. I spritzed hair with water, added Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and sealed with oil (olive, castor, and/or jojoba).

Twist-out: Same method as above, but with flat twists. Flat twists and two strand twists were not a good transition style for me because my ends always came loose. Adding rollers at the end is a great idea!

Roller Set: I didn't do this myself, but there are tutorials on how to roller set hair.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

'Fro is back.

Okay, so I admit, I got off of my protective style challenge. I plan to do protective/low maintenance styles, but I love my hair out in the summer. Also, after after I deep condition with the Anita Grant cubes, my hair just looks new. I love it and have been wearing my hair out for the past 4 days. All of the pictures are of 4 day old hair. It looks amazing to me. Plus summer and sun, it doesn't get any better than this. 

I hope you all enjoy your week!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My best twist out.

There really isn't a reason for this post. I'm just reflecting on my best twist out. I'm going to try the same method soon because my results with other methods haven't been as defined.

Quick Up-do With Bang

Retro Up-do

How I achieved this style?

I took out a bang (the front section), leaving a piece on each side out. I used a stretched elastic headband, wrapping it around twice and secured the rest of the left out hair with bobby pins. I bobby pinned the front section to create a pompadour and added a scarf. You could also use a headband. This took about 5 minutes.

My 5 hair No-Nos

I've learned a few things about my hair since I've been natural.

1. Protein Treatments- They don't work for me. My hair is almost crunchy after adding extra protein to it. After reading 'Porosity and Curly Hair' I learned that my hair is low porosity, which is more prone to protein accumulation when deep conditioning is performed. If you want to learn more about your porosity and how to maintain it check out this link:

2.Water- I hear naturals on Youtube and blogs reiterate spritzing hair with water before adding a moisturizer and sealing. I don't know why I didn't listen. Water is the best moisturizer for your hair, but the only time I used it was when washing or conditioning. After adding that step, my hair retains more moisture throughout the day.
3. Moisturizer- I have to use a water based moisturizer before I but any oils on my hair. Whether it is a leave in conditioner or butter, my hair does not retain moisture without it. I tried using a creamy mix of shea butter and oils without a water based moisturizer and my hair wasn't up to par. I am currently using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I also enjoy their Restorative Conditioner.

4. Sealing- Make sure to seal your ends! This is also an important step to retaining moisture. It keeps the moisture locked in. My staple sealants are: castor oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

5. Protective Styling- Even when I wore protective styles, my hair wasn't growing when I didn't moisturize properly. My ends weren't healthy and I had to trim over an inch off. After I took care of that problem, I started wearing my hair out too often and not keeping my ends protected. My hair suffered. During my first 6 months after my big chop, I wore my hair in protective styles 80% of the time. I doubled my length. I transitioned for 11 months, which most of the time I straightened. You can see what taking care of your hair can do. Protective styles are important if you want to gain and retain length.

I realize everyone's hair and goals are different. Since my goal is growth and retention of length, my important factors may not be as relevant to you, but many of them are key to having healthy hair. Listen to your hair. You will know if something doesn't work for you. 
I wish you all a happy hair journey!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Protective Style Challenge!

I had already came to the conclusion that if I want my hair to grow and retain length at a pace I was comfortable with, I would have to do more protective styles. I've been wearing my hair out excessively lately and it is stunting my growth.

One day I protected the front of my hair by twisting it, but left the rest out. After getting home and taking down the style before bed, I could see a huge difference in the way the protected hair was stretched and moisturized and the unprotected hair wasn't. 

That was the indicator that I needed to put myself on a strict protective style diet. I am doing to protect my ends at least 5 days a week for a year. Until May 3, 2013, I will only be wearing my hair out 2 days a week. This means I'll be doing research for styles and creating some in the process.

The first is today:

I'm all for quick styles! Two flat twist that you can dress up or down. Takes about 5 minutes!

I will be posting other protective style ideas. 

Look out!

Tumblr Inspired Hair.

A post on Tumblr inspired this hairstyle and look.

I started with a dry, 3 day old twistout. 
I did a big twist in the front, leaving a little section out. 
I twisted the end, folded it over and secured it with a bobby pins.
I used a stretched headband to pull the rest back.

Quick & simple hairstyle that took less than 5 minutes!