Sunday, March 18, 2012

Regimen for Individual Braids.

I've had my individual braids in for about 3 weeks now. I oil my scalp every 2-3 days with Natural 7 Argan Oil that I picked up from Sally's and then follow with Garnier Fructis Leave In Conditioning Cream for Dry and Frizzy Hair to the actual braids. I seal my braids with oil after adding the leave-in conditioning cream. The oil smells amazing! This is my first time using this oil so I will update on how my hair responded to it when I take out my braids. I dip my braids in hot water and add the leave-in as needed to keep my ends straight. I got the conditioning regimen and the idea for my braids from this Youtube video:

Hope this helps anyone looking for a protective style or steps to keep hair healthy while in a protective style.

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  1. My friend found this post when looking up individual braids on Google, and swore this was a picture of me. In braids at least, we have a freakishly (kind of scary) resemblence. Hope your natural journey is still going well!