Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My True Journey.

"The queen with the nappy hair raising a fist." -Jill Scott

When I first stated 'natural hair journey', I only thought I would be going on a journey through my hair at it's different lengths and stages. That was a falsity. I have stopped at many places along the way. I've also ventured into things I wouldn't dare before. I never knew I would be going on a journey through my social, political, and health standpoints. 

Socially, I've learned that the world is far behind in embracing true self. By that I mean, most people are lost. Yes, I have struggled with self esteem and awareness. Being around certain people made me feel more insecure. People responded to me differently when I adhered to the societal definition of a beautiful woman. I felt I had to have a head full of hair and a face full of makeup to be beautiful. Now that is far from the case. You should never try to impress other insecure people. You attract what you are. You do not want to attract misguided beliefs and people who think that Remy and M.A.C. make you beautiful. It doesn't take hair down to my knees and a pound of foundation to show I'm gorgeous. While dis-configuring these social misconceptions, I learned more about my political views.

I was never much of a 'politics person'. Society and politics go together, so it was only natural for me to explore my stance on political issues (pun intended). Naturally, I would also examine my food choices.

I've always been a moderately healthy eater, but I didn't go out of my way to make healthy food choices. Let's be honest, health food comes with a price tag. When you realize that the processed food you are eating can be more chemicals than food, paying the price doesn't seem as bad. I take more time to look at labels and try to buy fresh food. It does go bad faster, but you find creative ways to use your food before it spoils. My body thanks me for this decision. 

My mind, body, and soul are much healthier. I encourage everyone to explore yourself and you will gain much more than you thought possible.

"If you are never lost, there is a change you may never be found."

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