Thursday, February 23, 2012

Regular Girl.

You've probably already painted a picture of yourself based off of another drawing. You've traced the lines and by the time you colored it in, it didn't really look like you at all. Why? You were deriving from a work that wasn't your own. When you create an image constructed from another hand you lose the work you could've generated by your own creativity. No one can paint a better picture of you than you. It may not be the perfect, but it is real.

Sometimes there is so much pressure to be a materialistic and sexualized woman in this world that we forget who we are. The 'road to riches and diamond rings' can erase our true identity. The image reality T.V. paints of African American women is disgusting. We are filling a mold that wasn't shaped by us. The original housewives were WHITE. The Bachelor came before Flavor of Love. Not to mention, we've reenacted the stereotypes plotted against us. These shows are pure coonery. There is never a show where there isn't a loud and obnoxious Black woman strutting around like her stuff doesn't stink. Well, roses really smell like boo boo. These women are living in a garden full of weeds. Race aside, we're growing the same type of plant.

Many women have become dependent on a 'prince charming', most who aren't really charming at all, to come save them while they live the life they've always dreamed. The shows Basketball Wives and Love & Hiphop show nothing but women going through Hell to strive to reach Heaven. That paradise of living a dream life with a wealthy man is few and far between. Has our self esteem diminished so low that we are willing to endure cheating and disrespect for money and a man? Mo' money, mo' problems, right?

Every episode of a reality series is overflowing with conflict. Women just can't seem to agree on anything except how narcissistic they are. Most women say: "I don't run with many girls because they talk too much." Women don't have to be catty. If your world is that miserable where you need to put people down to help you feel better, it's time for a change. Can't we all just get along?

Women might be able to trade in the drama for knitting needles and tea if they would be more self aware. Knowing yourself is the key to living a happy and prosperous life. Who you are and what you stand for should be an easy question to answer. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Have we fell so low that we can't be ourselves?

I can only be me. I have been blessed with great friends, the most DIVERSE group you can imagine. I've had minimal drama in my days. I am a Black woman studying Business, Spanish, and Italian. I love trying new things and I am not afraid of change. I'm just a regular girl.

Create your own masterpiece.

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