Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Curl Pattern

Since I don't wear wash and gos, you may be wondering what my curls look like.

Here are some pics of the front and back of my hair with hair wash. I have at least 2- 3 curl patterns in my head. 

The back consists of tighter curls.

My front curls are more loose.

As you can see, even after washing my hair, there is still a lot of friz! My hair also shrinks at least half of its length. This is why I usually wear stretched styles. I will try a wash and go soon!


  1. Your hair is beautiful. Your curl pattern reminds me of mine. I am also looser in the front, tight Power to the People at my crown and ringlet curly everywhere else. I also have massive amount of fine hair.

    Just wanted to also comment on your BGLH profile. It was a very nice feature.

    1. 'Power to the people at my crown' --yes! Love it! Thank you so much! I appreciate the love!

  2. I want to do a wash and go so bad but my hair shrinks alot to and it frizzes a bit. lol. not sure if thatis a word. =]